20 Google Search Tricks for Accurate Results

20 Google Search Tricks for Accurate Results

These tricks will help you filter out wrong results.
According to Internet Live Stats, over 50,000 searches take place on Google in every second. The figures prove that we are in the era of internet. Sadly a good number of these searches end up in getting a wrong result or faulty result. These 20 Google Search tricks will help everyone gain more accurate results.
1. Quotation Mark (“ ”) For Accurate Phrase Search
This method will let you find accurate answers when you want to search for a phrase or title. Search typing "Google Search Tricks" and check out the results you get.

2. ‘Vs’ for Comparison

There are times when you need to compare two things on the internet. You can do it in a simpler way by inserting ‘vs’ right in between the two keywords you need to compare. For example – ‘F 16 vs F 18 hornet’ or ‘rice vs wheat.’ This feature is mostly useful for comparing food grains. This feature never lets you make a comparison between two cars or mobiles.

3. ‘Define:’ For Finding Definitions

There is an easy Google trick for finding definitions. Just type ‘Define:’ before the search word and you will get the best definitions on top of the search page.

4. ‘My Flights’ For Finding Schedule Of Flights

Google offers a simple trick for you not to miss any flight. Type my flights on Google search box to find the flights schedule. This feature is connected to your Google ID (email) and others will not see what you see.

5. ‘My Purchases’ - To Know What You Have Bought

At the end of the month, you can check out what all stuff you have bought online or from play store by searching the term ‘my purchases’. Google will show you the list of your purchase. Similar to the ‘my flights’ feature, this feature too is connected with your email account. Using this feature, you can also check out what you have purchased in a particular month.

6. Eliminate Unwanted Results With Minus (−) Sign 

This trick is most useful when your search term has wider meanings or different uses. For example Jaguar is an animal. There is also a car in this name. By using the minus sign you can remove unwanted result from this list like Jaguar -car or Jaguar -animal.

7. Asterisk Sign (*) for Forgotten Words

No man can remember everything, but Google can (it seems)! By using an asterisk sign you can find the word you have forgotten or missed in a quotation or phrase. Eg. - “blood is thicker than *.”

8. Search Inside A Website

You can search and find results from any particular website. For example, by searching ‘Google site:manoramaonline.com’ you will get all articles related to Google published in this site alone.

9. News Search

Google archives news articles for centuries. So you can find news dated even a century ago in Google News. Here is the way to search in Google Archives.
Visit www.news.google.com
Type the keyword(s) in the search box and press enter.
Click on the ‘Search Tools’ button just beneath the search box.
Tick ‘Archives’ option and press enter.

10. Movie Search by Actor’s or Actress’ Name

You can search all the movies of any star by just typing movies with the star. For example typs ‘movies with Shahrukh Khan’ and you will see the entire list of his movies. In addition you also have the option to arrange the movies in chronological order or by popularity.

11. Know the weather!

Just by typing the word weather, you can know the weather in your locality. This feature works in connection with the location feature.

12. No More Language Barrier!

You can break the language barrier with Google translator. First type ‘translate:’ in the main Google search bar. Two small boxes will turn up. Enter the text in the first box and choose the language you want to get it translated into.

13. Share Market Details

By typing the name of share market like ‘NIFTY’ or ‘BSE’, you can get the details of its stock market trends. You will get the opening price, highest and lowest price bids as well.

14. Turn Google into your Personal Calculator

You can turn Google into your personal calculator by typing the word ‘calculator.’

15. Currency Converter

You can convert one currency into any other currencies with the help of Google Currency Converter. You can turn on currency converter by typing the same.

16. Hours of Operation

You can know the working hours of public or very popular institution by typing ‘hours of operation’ along with the institution’s name. Eg: hours of operation parliament London.

17. Voice Search and Image Search

Now you can search images using images. Voice search is another option. Just turn on the mic button at the right end of Google search box and say what you want to search for.

18. ‘Flip a coin’ & ‘heads or tails’

Don’t have a coin to flip to decide on anything? Needn’t worry, Google has a solution for it? Type either ‘Flip a coin’ or ‘heads or tails’ in the search box, and see Google flipping the coin for you.

19. Atari Breakout on Google Images

Straightaway, you can start playing Atari Breakout on Google images (images.google.com) by typing it.

20. Google Tilt and Other Fun Tricks

Now you can tilt your computer screen by typing ‘tilt’. If you’ve loved this fun aspect of Google search trick, you should visit http://elgoog.im/ and find out more fun tricks by Google like underwater search and lots more.