Beverage Outlets, A Good School To Learn Patience..!!!

Beverage Outlets, A Good School To Learn Patience..!!!

How patient we are when in this queue..!!
 Patience is to be learned from us...!!!
It is a normal tendency that everyone criticizes everything and anything without analyzing the real facts. For instance, how do you look at Beverages Outlets? Oh no, don’t raise your eyebrows as if you have never seen or heard about beverages outlets. You never look at that side, I know. Thank God, at least still there are a few like you without knowing about these shops.

You must remember the great ones and what they have said. Have they not said that everything has two sides; i.e. both positive and negative aspects. When looked at beverages outlets, you normally get anger. In fact, it is true that even the drunkards who are always in front of the shop always also get angry. But the difference is that they get angry only because they need to stand longer in the queue.

Is it not tiresome to stand in the queue for longer? Poor housewives who normally pay the electricity bills or other bills know how difficult it is. It is true that their husbands do not have time to stand in the queue for at least five minutes but will always have time to spend in front of the Bevco outlets.
Long queue found in front of liquor-shops.

Normally these ‘good-natured’ poor drunkards do not go anywhere else to pay off the bills. It is easy for them to engage in hot-talks or even up to smash- and -block games.  In any of the cases, they will move from the spot only with bleeding bodies. Poor ladies, they are fed up with this and so they take the responsibility for themselves.

Now let us come to the point. We have seen above how hot-tempered are the men-folk and how easily they are getting into troubles, especially due to their hot tempered nature. You might have witnessed many such incidents happening in these locations.

But have you ever seen any similar scenes in front of a Bevco outlet? You seldom get a chance to witness a fight in front of beverages outlets. Here they become silent and good-natured. They wait for their turn very patiently. Even after long hours, they remain calm without losing the temper.

Dear ladies, you must appreciate your husbands for his effort to get a bottle for the day. In fact, there are some ‘good drunkards who smash their wife and children according to the time he had waited in front of the beverages outlets for getting the bottle. If the queue is longer, then the number of lashes will be more.

Dear wives, please pray for more numbers of beverages outlets so that you may save a few beats from your husband who is lacking a male’s backbone. How beautiful the world would be if the drunkards could keep up the peace of mind they show in front of these beverages outlets everywhere else!!!

Will this world not be a paradise-like land...?? Patience is good but should be learned from the right school...!! What could you and I do to stop this? Don't feel shy to comment...please do it for making a better society