Three Steps to Create a New YouTube Channel

Three Steps to Create a New YouTube Channel

Here I discuss 3 easy steps for you to create a new YouTube channel and join the community of millions of YouTube creators.

YouTube, the video platform from the search engine giant Google, offers options to create channels and upload videos onto the platform. We will get a clearer idea if we go by numbers. Worldwide, over 1.3 billion active users use this platform and around 300 minutes of video is uploaded per minute. Here I discuss how you can create a channel and join the community of YouTube creators.
You can create and run a YouTube channel either as yourself (personal channels) or you can have a brand channel with a different name.

Personal Channel

If you are using YouTube as yourself, you can try uploading a video to YouTube directly. All that you require is a Google Account. Your Google profile will appear as the channel name. You need to follow the steps mentioned below only if you want to get a channel with a different username other than your name given in the Google Account.

Steps to Create a YouTube Channel

  1. Visit YouTube and sign in with your Google account.
  2. Go to settings. You will be redirected to and click on the see all my channels or create a new channel at the bottom.
  3. You will be prompted to create a brand account which will be associated with your YouTube channel. Give a name and complete creating your channel.

Why link your Google Plus brand page with YouTube?

You can manage your YouTube channel with the help of your G Plus. For this, you will have to link your Google Plus brand page with the channel. This is required for those channels created earlier. After the recent updates from YouTube, a channel is always linked to a brand page. You will be requested to create a brand page while creating a new channel.

You cannot link a brand page with multiple channels. So every time you need to make a new brand page for all new channels.

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