Election Separates, Corruption Unites, New Definition for Indian Politics

Election Separates, Corruption Unites, New Definition for Indian Politics

Luckily (for the petty politicians alone) India is a country which upholds multi-party system. It means that there are or CAN BE MANY political parties in our sub continent.

When it is said that there can be many, is there any mention that there should be thousands of political parties or numerous political parties? God knows the reality.

Whatsoever, whether there is an indirect meaning in that statement -politicians alone can see that provision, now the country has a good number of political parties - most of which are sub-political parties.

The current situation is that if a Chota leader (small leader) of today wants to become the president of the party to which he belongs and his desire is not fulfilled by the others of his same party, then he goes and starts up a new party and proclaim himself as the leader of that party. This situation has to be changed.

Consider the formation of AAP. The founder of AAP was a former assistant of a Gandhian who had vowed crusade against top parties in the country. Though they were against all political parties, as time passed they thought it was better to start up another party to fight against all the other parties. How wise the decision is!

Power and money becoming the motivation behind the formation of all political parties, India is unlikely to go ahead as one of the rising nations in the near future. If India needs to be developed, the politicians of the country must be well-ordered and should be ready to die for the nation.

Thanks to Supreme Court for issuing orders to curb the presence of criminal politicians in the Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha, making the legislature less polluted and corrupted. However, the corrupted politicians and the law makers are looking for a chance to get into the cabinet to create new ordinances in favor of the convicted politicians. All parties will sign their consensus for such a bill as they are always united in doing corruption.