Facebook Rights Manager; How to apply? Eligibility Criteria, Things to Know

Facebook Rights Manager; How to apply? Eligibility Criteria, Things to Know

Here is how you can apply for Rights Manager, one of the most recent products from Facebook. The rights manager functions very similar to that of YouTube’s CMS and Content ID.

Facebook Rights Manager is one of the most recent products from the social media giant. This feature is regarded as a signal to the launch of their video monetization plans. With this feature, it becomes easy for the video creators and publishers to identify pirated uploads. The creators and publishers can set various ‘copyright’ match rules to handle piracy.

How to apply?

Facebook has not mentioned any clear-cut policy on the eligibility requirements for getting access to the Rights Manager. Facebook is reportedly providing access to limited number of publishers and creators who are mostly fall under ‘verified’ accounts. It means that anyone who is an admin of a Facebook page can apply for the access to the Rights Manager. But the getting access to it depends on Facebook.

Here is how you can apply

  • As the first step, visit the official Facebook Rights Manager site.
  • Click on the Apply Now button.
  • Choose the page you want to get the rights manager.
  • Fill up the contact information.
  • Submit the application by clicking ‘Apply Now for Rights Manager.’

How does Rights Manager Work?

Facebook’s Rights Manager works similar to that of YouTube’s Content ID or Content Management System. The rights owner (publisher or video creator) gets notified when someone uploads a video violating his copyrights.

What are the options available in the Rights Manager?

The rights owner can apply any of the following actions.
  1. Claim Earnings: Under this ownership policy, the original publisher / creator can gain income from all the videos uploaded by others. Facebook has launched this video monetization in various countries including the United States. Sadly, the social media major is yet to launch this in India.
  2. Monitor the match: This will help the creator to check how well the pirated videos perform as it gives access to video metrics like video views.
  3. Block the video: If the owner has another option to block the video. Blocking videos can be set at location levels. Say, the owner may decide to block you only in India or in the United States. The video is not removed from Facebook but people cannot access it. The decision solely depends on the rights owner.
  4. File a Takedown notice: This is the strictest action an owner can take. The videos will be taken down. Multiple takedowns will also affect the pages and profiles. You can always request a retract request to the owner to gain good standing of your profile.

Eligibility Criteria

Facebook does not list out any eligibility criteria. It is advisable that your page has a sufficient number of videos and video views. As the feature is meant to eliminate piracy and copyright violations, I would recommend you to keep your page free from all sorts of copyrighted or pirated videos.