Girls' Dress Code and Sexual Harassment? How far they're related?

Girls' Dress Code and Sexual Harassment? How far they're related?

Girls' Dress Code and Sexual Harassment? How far they're related? 

This would be one of the questions which many of us are not able to answer properly. While a majority (mainly the men-folk) say that the dress code is one of the major cause or tempting factor in many of the rape cases, the women folk never agrees with it.

Why should they really agree with it as they are on the scale's 'being wronged' side and not on the 'wrong side.' Thus they do have a reason not to accept the men folk's claim that it is because of the vulgar dress code that women are being raped and molested across the country.

Most probably the dress code issue sprang up along with the DELHI GANG RAPE CASE. Forgetting the fact that the girl was brutally gang-raped and murdered, some spoke, that too in public, that the dress code of the molested girl was not right. How shameless they were when they said it? I feel pity for them.

Whether a girl is wearing jeans and tee-shirt, churidar, sari or any other model dress, there is no excuse for any man to molest her. If everyone is thinking that the girls wearing jeans can be molested or the girls in sari can be raped and murdered what justice is that? Are they not allowed to wear what they prefer or like?

India being a country that allows everyone to choose their own way of life, however without hurting the others' freedom and right, all the women are free to wear any kind of dress as per their likes. But here I would say that the girls must not entice the men through their improper dress.

To the shame of Indian women, some of them are putting on some kind of dress which never suits the rich heritage and culture of the country. Further, these kinds of dresses tempt the men too. Men are prone to sex and it is his very nature. The psychologists too confirm this.

Truly speaking many of the women know this and try to exploit this weakness of men in all the possible ways. It is my request not to consider that I am a supporter of feminists who argue for their unfair rights even. I too strongly believe that dress code is to be decent enough especially for the part of the girls. Further, I never support any girl wearing something which they call "LATEST FASHION DRESS'. Many of these latest items are good only for keeping on showcases and not worthy to put on.

But considering the number of crimes taking place against small kids - I mean girl child, no one can wash their hands clean on the statement that the DRESS CODE is the CAUSE. There are many cases in which small school girls are molested by people. How can we say that the girls in school uniforms are not maintaining the dress code? It is my request not to use dress code as a shield to protect.

To the men's folk, I would say that whatsoever be the dress code of a girl, it is not anything decent that we are showing to them. As stronger than women, we must learn to respect them and only a MAN WHO RESPECTS A WOMAN RESPECTS HIS OWN MOTHER. So let us learn to respect our own sisters and mother.

Unless and until you decide to behave decently, no girl is safe in this country. Remember no Rahul Gandhi, Anna Hazare, Narendra Modi or Arvind Kejriwal can save Indian girls. But surely you can.. and you alone can. And that is the truth.