How to create a free blog? Create A free Blog and Earn Money

How to create a free blog? Create A free Blog and Earn Money

Well, you have seen many people having blogs and sadly you do not have one. Feeling sad! Don't mind, here is a chance for you to cheer. Now it is quite easy and possible for you to create a blog that too absolutely at free of cost. Is that not interesting to you? I hope it is.

Why you need to be envious of others when you have a chance to create a better blog. Here I introduce a few sites that allow you create blogs. Remember blogging can be taken as a profession as well. But be sure that your articles are of high quality and that your blog is up to the standards of quality. If they are okay then you have a chance to earn a few bugs every day from blogging.
Let us see some of the most popular sites that offer free blogs...

Wordpress is one of the most popular sites in the world that allow you to create a free blog. The site is noted for its easier blogging options. The site allows you to create a free blog if you have an email id. All that you need to do is just offer a few information about you filling the given columns and have a clear name for your blog. Remember your free blog will be ending with If you want to register a domain you can do that later on and Wordpress do offer you that chance as well.


Blogger is the blogging site by Google itself. This is another popular and favorite site where you can create your free blog. In fact, my site Maxin Francis and my other blogs like Holify and eTrendsTube are created with blogger. From this, you understand that your blog will be ending with

Simple Site is another notable site that is in this competitive field of blogging. It too helps you create your own blog for free and publish your opinions and ideas in the form of blogs. is my blog created with the help of this site.

Weebly is another one. Here too you are given the chances to create a blog, site or store for free. Similar to the first two sites, here too, the amount you need to spend is zero. All that you need to spend is a few minutes choosing a good theme and other options. And now it is done... your free blog or site is ready here. is another important one that too helps you create a free blog. You will love creating a blog at free of cost.

Other sites and are other sites. There are much more or to say precisely they are in uncountable numbers. It is never easier for anyone to know all of them or you need not care knowing all about them. If your aim is to create a blog for free, these sites would be sufficient enough. But if you are interested in learning more about blogs, a knowledge about them would be advisable.

These are a few of the major sites that really help you create a blog for free of cost. However, Blogger remains my favorite. In my opinion it is the simplest. While Wordpress remains on the second spot. Weebly seems to offer a lot of web developing tools which are quite difficult to handle for a beginner. But once you master them it would be the best for you.