Ordinance To Save Criminal Politicians, a Proof for The Presence of Corruption

Ordinance To Save Criminal Politicians, a Proof for The Presence of Corruption

Though politicians fall into various groups and parties of varying opinion, they remain united and without any conflicts of 'corruption.' So I feel this -corruption is the sole thing which unites all politicians, despite their differences in political views and ideologies.

The UPA government's decision to bring in an ordinance to help the convicted politicians save their seats despite their guilty and corrupted hands was really a shocking news for all the Indians who love India. It is the fate of our country, many felt so and could only breath in disguise but could do nothing else.

What a poor Indian can do against the mighty politicians who hold the power? Poor Indians can weep and hold a loud lamentation for months and years and that will be their end. No one will be there to hear their cries.

Earlier the politics were meant to save the normal people and the politicians to work for the people. Now the situation and the ideologies have gone far beyond the ordinary. Now politics has become a means to acquire power and politicians have become king-like as they hold power which they use not for building up the nation but to crush down their opponents.

One Anna Hazare or Aam Aadmi Party cannot bring them down. What to say the Supreme Court even fails to put a rein on them. The latest ordinance of the government is an example.

If this ordinance is signed by the president and gets through the parliament, then the July 12 SC order will have no impact on the dirty and corrupted politicians. Hands off to the politicians who fly above every law meant to curb corruption in the country.

I have only one question to them. Why they still say that they are against CORRUPTION and support corruption indirectly and directly?