Why Make India A Land of Public Pissers

Why Make India A Land of Public Pissers

Thank God, in India public pissing is never considered as a crime or offense which invites punishment. This alone is the reason why I and you do it. If there was an ordinance or rule to stop this, I would never piss in public places. But now there is no rule for time being and so I do it.

Who are you to blame me? Am I responsible for every Indian who piss outside in the open air? I am not but the government is. It is the government who has failed to initiate any rule to stop public pissing. So I do have the right to blame the government for it…! This would be a kind of feeling you will have when you are to piss in open air, wouldn’t it?

If this is your feeling, dear friend, may I ask you how many of us follow all the rules and regulations? And the truth is far behind it. We cannot prevent ourselves from peeing in the open air as long as we are in India. But when we go outside we know how to respect all the dos and don’ts in the other country. If it is the case why can’t we do the same in our Motherland?
Representative Image: We are very much accustomed to it that we cannot refrain from it now.

Despite the great admiration for all the film stars and other celebrities, we are not following the good things what they show and tell. We are not ready to show our love through following their words. This is our nature ever since our birth. Think how we loved and respected our loving parents and caring teachers.

We loved them deep but never obeyed their words. So just because an Aamir Khan is saying not to do public pissing, we are not going to stop it. In fact, we are very much accustomed to it that we cannot refrain from it now.

Be proud to be an Indian. Think, in fact, you need to ponder over, this great vision which we offer everyone who steps into India? Is it a good tourism trick? The foreigners who come to India may be witnessing such an instance in their life for the first time. So we make more chances for them to see and enjoy this.

Why the people are not concerned about it? Or why the authorities are not initiating any steps to stop public pissing in the country.

Why make our own heads go down in front of others? Whenever you feel that you want to piss, please remember the pride of our mother land. Once you start respecting your mother India, you will not make her put heads down in shame by pissing in the open air.

At least a few of the public pissers - sadly a majority of them are men, feel it as a great thing to do. India has not brought out any rules to stop this shameful act. But our history shows that it is Indians who initiate the rule first and then later on rules are made. So why not you and I make it a rule that from today I will piss in the open air no more.