Why you should not upload videos to Facebook without proper rights?

Why you should not upload videos to Facebook without proper rights?

With the launch of Facebook Rights Manager, violation of copyright is easily detectable. It is high time for everyone to follow the copyright rules to stay alive on Facebook. Here is why?

With the launch of Facebook Rights Manager, violation of copyright is easily detectable.
Videos remain one of the most vibrant and most celebrated contents across all social media platforms. People often post those ‘trending’ videos on their Facebook pages with a view to driving more traffic. They also aim to improve the engagements on their pages. Good posts and videos do help pages reach more people as they are likely to be shared by more people. Good videos can also bring you some good amount of followers as well. But is it right? No way!

By uploading a video over which you do not have copyrights is sure to bring you some negative results. It may even cost you your account! Facebook, as always, give due respect to the copyright laws. Thus, it permits the rights holder to request the removal of any video which is uploaded against the copyright laws. (Will discuss how to submit a copyright removal in another blog later.)

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Facebook launched Rights Manager recently. This functions very similar to that of YouTube’s Content Manager System (CMS) and/or Content ID. Most important aspect of this feature is that it helps the video publisher/creator to identify all pirated videos. The owner of videos also can set various rules to handle the pirated videos. They include ‘monitor the matches,’ ‘block the video,’ ‘claim earnings’ (Facebook is yet to launch this feature in India) and ‘take down’ the videos.

If the owner decides to monitor the match, the pirated video is not going to be affected. Under this rule, the owner gets access to metrics like video views. Claim earnings will enable the original owner to claim ad earnings from your video. This means that you won’t get the financial benefit but the original owner. In case if you are uploading only a portion of it, you can monetize the remaining parts of your video. Now the strictest actions will be 'block' and 'take-down'. Each of these will have an adverse impact on your Facebook page and account (personal profile). 

The company does not provide any official declaration on the actions it takes for violating copyrights. But, this does not guarantee that you can violate copyrights and stay alive on Facebook forever. There are cases when people are blocked to their profile for a period of time. This could be one week or a few couple of days or even more. 

Those pages and accounts which continue violating copyright rules are likely to be terminated. As far as I know, termination is the last step. So consider the first takedowns as warnings and do refrain from uploading pirated videos.

It is worth mentioning the copyright policy of YouTube here. The leader of the video platform terminates any account on receiving three copyright strikes within a period of 90 days. Here, the number of subscribers is not considered. We can expect a tougher policy from the social media major. This kind of behavior also would be a block for you to gain future features like video monetization and others from the social media giant. So be wise enough to stay away from copyright violations.