How to remove retweets from your timeline? Twitter Tips

How to remove retweets from your timeline? Twitter Tips

Have you ever felt those 'outdated' retweets consumed a space on your timeline unnecessarily? Here is an easy tip for you to remove your retweets from the timeline.

Retweets help improve engagements on one's profile. This works similar to the share function available on other social media platforms including Facebook. Retweets show that you value the other and his opinion.

At least sometimes, retweets get outdated. More chances are there especially when it speaks about a news-topic or event which is relevant at the time of retweeting but loses relevance as new updates arrive.

Steps to remove your retweets?

1. Log in to your Twitter profile.
2. Choose the Tweets section.
3. Select the retweet you want to delete.
4. Click on the retweet button again. (Check the picture above)

When selecting a retweet, you will see the number of retweets that particular tweet has received. By clicking on the retweet button, you remove the retweet from your timeline.

Is there any other way? Please share your views and feedback as comments below.