YouTube Studio in New Avatar with Stunning Features; First Look Review

YouTube Studio in New Avatar with Stunning Features; First Look Review

A quick look at the new YouTube Studio (beta). As of now, the new studio misses a number of features which will be added to it soon, says the company.

YouTube, the most popular video streaming platform, launched the beta version of an all-new studio. Here is a quick look at the features of YouTube Studio New. Being a beta version, the new studio is not available to everyone. But still you can apply for it, if you wish to get an early access.

New YouTube Studio, Features


The new dashboard contains information like videos, views, visibility (status), and the published date. In addition, you will also see the number of comments with an option to monitor comments with a single click.

However, the ratio between likes and dislikes is something I really like. This makes it easy for us to identify how good (or bad) our videos are accepted by the audience / our viewers.

Editing the metadata

You can edit the metadata of the video rather easily. Importantly, this time YouTube shows the number of characters permitted for both title and description. Hence, it is useful for publishers to prepare metadata accordingly.


Analytics include all basic details like revenue, watch time, views, and more. As of now, the analytics does not include any option to identify the audience by device like mobile vs tablet vs desktop.

Similarly, the beta version of New YouTube Studio has analytics for five set duration like 7 days, 28 days, 90 days, 365 days and lifetime. There is no option to customize the time period.

You can click on the cards like display to get details. The details are not available for custom dates either.

The new studio misses a number of features which they have listed as missing features.


YouTube New Studio is doubtlessly an improvement of old creator studio which will be called ‘Classic Creator Studio’ from now on. We will require to wait for a couple of weeks or more for getting the full experience of the new studio. In addition, we cannot judge it before it adds up those missing features.