Life is precious, your entire wealth doesn't match it's worth! Motivation Talks

Life is precious, your entire wealth doesn't match it's worth! Motivation Talks

Recently, Kerala witnessed the deadliest floods which killed hundreds of people and destroyed roads, bridges and hundreds of acres of agricultural lands.

Many people lost all that they had. This has been disastrous and, as a result, people lost all their hopes.

They don't know what to do, they also don't know how to find their living. In this kind of situation, we shall never lose our faith and hope, as these are very important for us to survive.

While visiting one of the relief camps, I saw and spoke to one lady who said it was better that she also was washed off in the floods. Well, this is not just the thought of one person but, I know, there are hundreds and thousands of people thinking the same way out of their great distress and despair.

I understand, most of you have lost valuable goods but it's time to realise that your life is more precious than all what you have lost in the floods.

What's the real value of life? What would you give in return of your life? "All what l have earned with hard work during the past years have become in vain.. " this might be what you are thinking right now.

It's not right.  You have not lost your life means a lot more than what you think.  You have life with which you can make more than what you have lost.

You have not lost your skills. Neither have you lost your limbs, nor have you lost health. You are not in a state where not able to recognise what to do right now.

May I ask you a question? how many of you will not leave their wealth, just to protect your life?
I believe that everyone of us will leave our entire wealth when we see our life is threatened. Pointing a knife or gun, if a thief asks you to give away all the wealth,  won't you give it?  Will you say that I will not give you anything but you can take away my life?

I am sure, we will not only let the thief take away all your wealth and goods but also will plead for your life.

Life is more precious than we all think. The problem is that we don't realise it's worth just because it's given for free.

To realise the value of life, it's worth, you must visit one of the hospitals nearby you where you will see thousands and hundreds of people spending all what they have to regain health to maintaining their life.

People even borrow money and spent on health. This also tells how precious our life is. when affected by some diseases like kidney failure heart related diseases diseases people need to spend thousands and thousands of money per day.

What would be the amount you will have to pay for 70 years of life,  if you are paying rupees thousand per day for your life. Can you imagine?

When Kerala was drowned in heavy floods, people from all over the world lent their helping hands, gave their hard-earned money just to save life.

Life is required for all of us to enjoy all the goods that we purchase. Without life we cannot make anything.

So, let's thank the Lord for saving our lives. Let's strive hard to help people in need. This alone make our life more meaningful. So let's try to do that...