E-SIM everything you need to know

E-SIM everything you need to know

The presence of eSIM made the launch of new iPhone models viz. iPhone XS,  iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR; a more remarkable one.

eSIM comes pre-installed on the device.
Apple, in its September event launched three new iPhone models iPhone XS,  iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. One of the major features of these phones who was then dual sim capability.
It is for the first time in the history of iPhones that the most premium smartphone brand launched an iPhone with dual sim. But what surprised the Indian people was the presence of the e-SIM.

This is probably the first time in India that iPhone is coming with an e-SIM. This SIM was first introduced by Google when the search engine giant launched its Google Pixel 2 smartphone. However, this model was launched only in the US market and in India they had launched Google pixel 2 with GSM Sim.

So e-SIM is all set to be launched in India with the latest iPhone models. Before that let's have a close look at what e-SIM is.

What is e-SIM?

Like the internet of things, e-SIM is expected to be a major milestone in the field of telecommunication. It is the short form of Embedded Subscriber Identity.
This kind of SIM is more powerful and efficient. At the same time they are also less prone to mechanical errors.

How it works?

Unlike other SIMs, e-SIM comes pre-installed on devices. It has to be activated by the network provider or operator. Therefore it is easy to shift between operators. For for this all what you need to do is just approach the operator.

As mentioned above ISM comes with comes pre-installed on the devices and therefore it cannot be removed or taken out from the device.

e-SIM in India!

In India, Jio and Airtel are capable of offering this service.
In India only Airtel and Jio are capable of offering this service. Apple has already inform been in talks with these mobile operators to provide the service in the country.

Uss result aso result in India people will have you have only two options- either Airtel or jio. Still you have the freedom to choose between them depending on your choice.

The new iPhone models will be available in the market from September 21st and we will have to wait till then to have the first experience with the e-SIM.