Facebook Video Monetization; Eligibility Criteria, Facts to Know and More

Facebook Video Monetization; Eligibility Criteria, Facts to Know and More

Finally, Facebook rolled out video monetization in India. It is really a good news for video creators. But how well could one generate income from uploading videos on Facebook? What are the criteria for that? Here is a quick look.

What is Video Monetization?

As most of us are aware of, video monetization stands for generating income from videos uploaded to YouTube, Facebook or any other video streaming platforms.

Facebook Video Monetization Criteria

Facebook, though, rolled out the video monetization feature in India, it is important to note that everyone is eligible for this. Facebook has the following criteria.

1. Only Pages Are Eligible:

As of now, only Facebook pages are given access to video monetization. If you are a video creator and wish to produce some money from your videos, think of converting your account to a Facebook page or start a new page before you can start earning.

2. Minimum 10,000 Likes

Once you have created a new page, make sure your page has a sufficient number of followers. As of today, Facebook treats 10,000 likes as the minimum followers for a page to apply for video monetization.

So why wait, start promoting your page and earn as many followers or likes as possible at the earliest.

3. 30,000 One-minute Views

The third among the eligibility criteria is, no doubt, views. As of now, your page should have a minimum of 30,000 one-minute-views in the past 60 days. (It is good to notice that Facebook normally counts 3 seconds as a view. But when it comes to monetization, they count one-minute as a view.